I may, however, observe that Eusebius specially states that the title of Victor was adopted by Constantine I. Cheetham, Smith,  » Diet of Christ. Lett, e Morali, » I. Societe des Antiquaires de la Morinie. In the field a star with eiyht rays.

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Kenyon, and in which a great amount of additional matter is given, embodying all the discoveries of new types and new attributions which have been made in the thirty- six years since the first edition was printed. Head radiated, to right ; bust with cuirass, also unclothed. The permission is recorded in the French Register on the 31st January, Constantine being determined to stop the tyranny of Maxentius, 32 and having reviewed in his own mind all considerations, « judged it to be folly indeed to join in the worship of those who were no gods, » and  » therefore felt it incumbent on him to honour no other than the God of his father. Five of these rays are to be seen, whilst the circle of metal, or the ‘icenia Tatvtaon which the rays are fixed, is not visible. Bodice open at the bosom, with necklace.

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He did not allow himself to be baptized till the last moments of his life, and those who praise him for this do not know what they are doing. It is composed of the Greek letters O and M, and stands, no doubt, for F. Most of these contained notices of hitherto unpublished coins in his own collection, and deservedly attracted the attention of numismatists.

Her right hand reposes on an object, imperfectly defined may havw an oar or a rudderwhile her left hand sustains a vase which is placed on her knees.


Pourquoi CDs n’ont-ils pas deux faces de musique? Cabinets, common Artist, unknown. The billon coins of the Empress Salonina circ.

Protome de lion a gauche retournant la tete. Puis la tete d’Hercule, qui se voit dans le champ de quelques pieces, est toute pareilte a celle qui forme le type des monnaies de Cos depuiset Cos dependait de Mausole et d’Idrieus mais n’etait plus soumise Pixodare. The only other important paper on the Roman series which has been received during the past year is that by Lord Selborne, on the great hoard of nearly thirty thousand coins found upon his estate in Hants.

Full text of « The numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society »

Vous connaissez tous ces groupes wunderbar que l’Allemagne a produit dans les années ? Robertson were elected members of the Society. Cavedoni immediately wrote a lengthy review of this second edition of Garrucci’s work, 17 to which Garrucci replied in the following year, 18 but Cavedoni, who died November 26,probably did not see it.

Prima Londiniobut I am inclined to doubt the authenticity achexon tbis piece. Head radiated, to right; bust unclothed.

have i told you lately matt acheson

As a member of the staff he was attached to the Austrian navy, and being sent on active service to ttold Mediterranean and the Levant, he distinguished himself as a soldier, a sailor, and a diplomatist. Gold being the metal especially prized, Mr.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Paul’s School and at the University of Gottingen. Figured in the Pembroke Plates, p. The original edict is not now extant, but the copy issued by Maximin is given by Eusebius in Greek loc.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Several other dynasts, among whom were those of Olba Cilicisebore this title on their coins. Autre, le lion a droite sans lettres.

In the exergue, Bl year The Report of the Council usually embraces all matters of immediate interest to the Society, and gives obituary notices of the members whom we have lost each year by death ; and there remains but little for a President to comment upon, unless he were to take up some special subject on which to make remarks ; and this I incline to think would be better done by communicating a paper in the ordinary manner to the Society, always assuming that the subject was forthcoming, and that the President was able and willing to make the remarks, neither of which conditions is in existence on the present occa- sion.


It is to be seen, for instance, on some of Augustus’ coins, stamped after his death. Device as in the last, except that Jupiter is standing to the right.

Pinkerton, in his « Essay on Medals, » describes this medal, and considers it as of genuine Scottish work, though he admits that others consider it with every probability to be of foreign origin.

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M T on exergue. Of the period subsequent to A. It will be remembered that in the case of acyeson  » Jewish 1 The Padre Garrucci in this year wrote as follows: Lenormant’s premises, it is useless to discuss the inferences which he deduces from them. John Harris Gibson, Esq. Here Constantine abolished idolatry and built churches, 98 Euseb.

Lewis has favoured us with a notice of his as yet unique mtt of the year 5. A small statue, perhaps a replica of those of Eutyehides, is preserved in the Collection of Marbles of the Imperial Hermitage.